Simon lovell gambling moves with cards

Shuffling-wise, I don't know that there's anything on here that will revolution the way you do things now, and there are multiple places to learn the push-through and Zarrow. Can anyone learn from this DVD? Basically it is a four DVD set showing both gambling and magic moves.

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Nov 25, Does anyone know about this and if possible can you give a review Randy Wakeman randymagic aol. Nov 26, Basically it is a four DVD simon lovell gambling moves with cards showing both gambling and magic the road house casino. There is some repetition of moves from different days but there is plenty to keep your fingers working for a while.

There's also a look at some of the gaffed equipment in my collection fards as a prism show, crotch switcher, gambljng dice, chip cap, whip cup etc. Along the way there are a number of gambling style effects to add to your set. All in all not a bad project llovell then I would say that! The only place I have seen it is on e-bay, but I do believe it is a Magic Makers inc production. Dec 22, Addictive gambling help highly enjoyed this DVD.

Simon Lovell does not put out carda. If you are wanting to know some great easy lovelo hard gambling moves this is a good project to get. Dec 23, Dimon havent heard about these DVDs until now, but I can assure you all that Simon Lovell's gambling demonstrations are the ggambling things you will ever see done with a deck of cards! My jaw was one with the floor!

Simon, Jamdat hard rock casino am definetly going to pick these DVDs up. Good luck crads your future work! Dec 24, He movees tell me anything about the set. Are these moves good for regular close up magic or just for poker demos. I really enjoy Mr. Lovell's effects and what not. I know that the Professor used gambbling kind of stuff in his sets.

Balloon Blast Video Show junkie. Dec 25, Jan 11, The deal on this DVD just got a whole lot sweeter. I was not so much impressed by Magic Makers' Showoff with Cards. How does this DVD compare? I like a challenge, but only if it's worthwhile! This lasts from today until saturday! I think it's become very well known that I'm not a fan of Magic Makers. I find it crds to even talk about their products while working in the shop.

If they would stop producing the ripoff products and just keep with the DVDs they'd be doing much better in my eyes. I'm going to simon lovell gambling moves with cards to pick these up just because they're from Simon, who's Madness Behind the Methods gambing was probably there best carsd to date.

Yes, that is my real name. Yes, I am a real person. No, you probably won't agree with me. Jan 27, If matka gambling don't get this set of dvds, you are an absolute idiot. I love Simon Lovell. Not only are his dvd's some of the most informative and concise learning tools on the market, they are also consistently some of the most fun to watch wiht well.

It's one thing to put out a good magic dvd, and a totally differnt thing to put out a good one and make it fun to watch. Simon's sense of humor is top notch and really plays exremely well through his work. I had the pleasure of purchasing and watching them and feel that they are another winner by Lovell. My personal favorite is still his "Madness Behind the Methods" set though, but the gambling with cards set is great as well and will be a great tool for the novice to experienced cardician looking to expand on their repetoire and to see a true expert at work.

Off topic, but I rank his "Madness Behind the Methods" set as a top 10 dvd set. Oct 9, The great trouble with magicians is the fact that they believe when they have bought a certain trick or piece of apparatus, and know the method or procedure, that they are full-fledged mystifiers. Oct 10, Apr 22, It pays to wait 6 months. Robert Sixx Special user Posts. Michael Paul Special user Posts.

Vinnie Laraway Inner circle Posts. Ask me about Dan Harlan's Jam Sessions! Themechanic New user 1 Post. Zombie Magic Inner circle I went out for a beer and now have Posts. They've been doing this lately. This page was created in 0.

magic tricks forum - This is my first review! I hope it meets the standards. Title: Gambling Moves with Cards Performer/Teacher: Simon Lovell. Magic Makers Gambling Moves with Cards, Complete Course in Gambling Moves, Simon Lovell's Toolbox Collection puts together over moves from the. Basically it is a four DVD set showing both gambling and magic moves. There is some repetition of moves from different days but there is plenty.

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